Disney is a settlement of Florida in 2174 and is one of the few settlements to be founded after the nuclear war. It is under the control of the Floridian Government at the beginning of The Guilt of War, but is quickly retaken by the Citadel Empire. Jason Black visits here on many occasions, on business with the Citadel Empire, with Micheal for living reasons, and to see his love, Jenna. It was grazed with nuclear bombs in the nuclear war, as the real entrance and the area behind the castle are now irradiated.

It is built out of the pre-nuclear amusement park Disney Land and consists of four sections, the Entrance section, the Commerce section, the Recreational section, and the Castle Section.

The Entrance section consists of the newly made entrance to Disney, which is actually just a hole in the wall from a helicopter crash, two rusted, old carousels with new Floridian seeking machine turret, a few new houses, and a well taken care of archway leading to the Commerce section.

The Commerce section consists of a the old Tower ride, a few stands for selling home-made goods, and more houses.

The Recreational area consists of a small pond, a still functioning bumper car ride, and a few houses. Among these houses is the home of Jenna Bolton.

The Castel section consists of a moat made out of an old boat tour ride, a drawbridge leading to a newly armored Disney Castle, and the Castle itself. It is also the location of a majority of the troops stationed there.