J-ville is a settlement of Florida in 2174. It was built just outside the Jacksonville ruins where the road into the pre-nuclear town of Jacksonville. It is also the first town that Jason visits.

Sometime before Jason visits the town a sniper managed to get to the second story of the saloon of J-ville and kill the bartender. He barred up the stairs to the floor and Jason was forced to take two knives that were available at the time and carved his way to the sniper and killing him. Because of him being Jason's first murder, he had serious grief and guilt over killing him because of the human mind's guilt. Jason quickly got over it and was awarded when a child announced the sniper's death. Jason was then awarded by the mayor and was given minerals which he found out his mineral collection was literaly worth money.



Before Jason arrived a sniper terrorized the town and killed off many of the town's residents. The town could once only function at night. caravans sent out from the city often get attacked and left for dead by either "Troublemaker" bandits or Duvals. Also, threats of attack are coming from the Floridians if they do not soon join the Citadelian-Floridian War.