The Jacksonville Ruins are a location in Florida in The Guilt of War. It is located directly behind of the J-ville city hall, southeast of Citadel East, and east of Tallahassee.

It is the shell of the pre-nuclear town of Jacksonville, Florida. It has been destroyed mainly, but a few buildings and structures remain standing. It is also the originating home for Duvals.

Jason Black visits here during his search for the Lost Weapon Shipment, and during the final chapter of The Guilt of War.


It is made up entirely of downtown Jacksonville, Florida, and holds many actual places within the city like The Landing and the Channel 4 News Building. The first place Jason ever enters in the Ruins is a place that is mainly consisting of piles of rubble and decimated buildings. Going further, he reaches the St. Johns River, a real life river in the center of Jacksonville today. Noticing that he must get to the other side, he goes to his right, where he proceeds down an old miraculously intact slab of concrete that once served as a docking station.

Going further, he runs across a pre-war plaza called The Landing, where a group of Duvals call home. Further, an old bridge gives a pathway over the St. John's, which comes in handy later.

Past the bridge, a long road with two to three story buildings occupy the long avenue, with the Channel 4 News building at the end of the road.