Jason Black is a 23 year old bunker dweller in the year 2174 and the main protagonist of The Guilt of War. Before The Guilt of War, he lived in the underground safety of the The North Florida Bunker. He is caucasion with dark brown hair which is usually in a man's ponytail. He wears a bunker suit and jeans at the beginning of the book but slowly gains more intuative armor. He is the Great Grandson of Jack Black.

He lives with Leo in J-ville but is constantly traveling due to his role in the Citadelian-Floridian War. He possesses a unique gift of agility and survival as he is the only known person to survive a direct hit from a nerve bomb. He has feelings for Jenna Bolton, a Citadelian doctor living in Disney.

He has one ultimate goal in his life: to rebuild the world as if it were never destroyed. He wishes not for what he can do for himself, but for the people around him. Lars takes a special interest in him because of his devotion to this cause.

Actions in the Final ChapterEdit

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In the final chapter of The Guilt of War, Jason is one of the three commanding officers in the bulk of the fighting. He is assisted by Micheal Chiniasa and Lars. He fights in Disney, Citadel North, and the Jacksonville Ruins in the final chapter.

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