Knight Alexis is a Citadel troop and the first person from the Citadel Jason Black has contact with. His rank in the Citadel army is the equivalent of Corporal. He doesn't want to be called 'Knight' because he was a big nerd for studying the mideival era when he was younger. He request that Jason ask Head Knight Lars to rid the Citadel of the Knight status in their ranking so that he could forget about his abused past.

Actions in the Final ChapterEdit

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In Chapter 13: For All of Florida, Knight Alexis is among the soldiers in the army at Citadel North, the Jacksonville Ruins, and Deltona. He appears to have a boost in confidence when he is in the action from when Jason first met him. He helps Jason Black kill a pack of Duvals in The Landing in the Jacksonville Ruins, and is also one of the six regular foot-soldiers that Lars chose to take up to the roof of the Channel 4 News Building. He receives a bullet wound in his arm at the fighting in Deltona.

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