Micheal Chiniasa is the egotistical companion and friend of Jason Black during the course of The Guilt of War. He also once was a resident of The North Florida Bunker. He does not originally decide to follow Jason out into the wasteland until about three days after Jason leaves the The North Florida Bunker. He claims that the bunker needs a mechanic in order for the last group of residents can survive but soon after he realizes that the bunker is strong and will survive if he leaves. He grabs what he needs and leaves soon after.

He soon discovers that the wasteland is a vile and deadly place as a Duval attacks him nearly right after he leaves the bunker. He manages to get to the settlement of J-ville unscathed by the Duval.

He meets up with Jason in J-ville at Leo's Pawnshop, where they exchange stories and talk about the life they want in post-apocalyptic Florida.

Actions in the Final ChapterEdit

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