The North Forida Bunker is the safety Bunker built by the United States Government in 2060 to protect the residents of North Florida from utter annhialation by the hands of the inevitable nuclear war. It is also the home of Jason Black, Dr. Hawk, and Micheal Chiniasa in the year 2174.

It has 15 underground stories that can hold around 50,000 residents. The top layer is not counted as it is merely a room carved out of the rock the government chose to build the bunker out of. The third layer is known as a strict residential area, but is the level Jason and Micheal live. level 14 is the educational level and holds only research and labs for this reason.

Departure DateEdit

The Headmaster, the leader of the bunker, issued a discharge allowance in 2173 to any person living in the bunker that they would be allowed to leave after passing the A.T.s. Everyone that would leave would recieve a 32 rifle with 15 bullets total. Unknowing to the Headmaster the bunker wasn't stocked well enough to support the amount of people that would leave to the point where Jason would get the last rifle when he leaves in 2174.