The Guilt of War title

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The Guilt of War is the first installment of the War series and the first one to feature Jason Black as the protagonist. It takes place in post-nuclear Florida in 2174. It was written by Nick Fraser and was edited by several undisclosed people. The main conflict of the book is the war between the Citadel empire and the Floridian government, both trying to take control of Florida. The secondary conflicts are the dust storms, Duvals, and the constant threat of the un-detinated 20 kiloton nuclear bomb detonating and destroying J-ville, Citadel North, and Citadel North. It features many major post-apocalyptic Floridian settlements including new ones such as Citadel North, Citadel East, J-ville, Raz, and Disney.

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The plot revolves around a 23 year old Bunker Dweller named Jason Black. He is residing in The North Florida Bunker before the events of the novel. He is leaving behind an old friend, by the name of Micheal Chiniasa. He soon discovers that the Wasteland is a bed for destruction, and seeks to find his roots and give his part to repairing the world, so he decides to attempt to settle down in the town of J-ville. He discovers that the Citadel Empire and the Floridian Government are fighting for control over Florida and is a vital part in both sides' efforts to win, as he has a special gift of agility, prowess, and survival.

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It helps build the story-line for future installments, which Nick will announce later.